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Denver, CO, USA
Posted on Sunday, June 4, 2023

Perpetual Protocol Bounty Doc

Integrate Perpetual Protocol (https://perp.com/) into the ShapeShift web app (app.shapeshift.com). Perpetual Protocol is an on-chain perpetual futures DEX with deep liquidity and builder-ready composability. Futures are derivatives, meaning that they are not the real asset—they just follow the price of an asset. The main features that can be accomplished with Perp are:
Trade a wide variety of assets easily, using perpetual futures
Go long or short
Use leverage up to 10x
Through this integration ShapeShift users will gain access to the above features!
Users will also be able to stake and earn rewards on their PERP token. (staking on hold until PERP updates their staking flow)
BEFORE an integration can be implemented ShapeShift must first support Layer 2 EVM chains, specifically Optimism for V2 of Perp
Additional resources can be found here: https://perp.com/developers, https://perp.com/
There would be a need for 1 Product Owner to own this project. This bounty is for the creation of the speck ONLY. Once completed and approved a new bounty will be created for the Product Owner to resource the talent to complete UX/UI. Make sure that the UI aligns with styles of the new web app, and receives sign off from the Product and Creative Services Workstream and Perpetual Protocol before being built.
Diggy/Beard will put together a high level user flow for the speck.
Once approved, get the development work completed by sourcing the developers yourself (making sure the approach is approved by the ShapeShift Engineering Workstream).
Acceptance Criteria
Bounty taker should schedule a time with the Product Workstream to verify details of this bounty and user journey requirements. Spec and user journey must be approved by Workstream leader by appointment with @Diggy.
The L2 ‘Optimism’ must be integrated
Users are able to transact via the V2 Perpetual protocol within the ShapeShift web app and all connectable wallets. This includes, buy/sell, long/short, and select leverage amount.
Users are able to stake/claim PERP (Depriroritzed until new modal(?) comes out. Last milestone. Hopefully during Q2.)
Rev share integrated
We have a volume program at Perpetual Protocol that can be accompanied with the successful integration of Perpetual Protocol in Shapeshift that would give a 30% fee (40-55% depending on volume) rebate straight back to the ShapeshiftDAO for all trades made through the Shapeshift UI. (2k perp staked required)
This bounty is ONLY for the PM to create the spec and have the user flow completed and/or signed off.
A Bounty of $2,000 in FOX will be paid upon successful completion of the project spec following these guidelines: Product Feature Spec Template