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Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

💙 Our Mission

We have recently updated our Company Mission to reflect our ambitions to build the future of payments in Africa. You can read all about it here.

Why does our mission matter?

There are over 1.3 billion Africans in the world and is the fastest-growing region in the world. Africa is also the most expensive place to send money to and trade with. Talent is everywhere but opportunity isn’t. How do we bridge this divide with a sense of purpose?

  • Think about people living far away from their loved ones who are financially responsible and support them. Imagine how you would feel losing 8-9% of your money through fees. How do we reduce the cost of sending money home through technology?
  • What about the future for businesses? Think about those who are trying to do cross-border business from Africa outbound to the rest of the world? Why is it so hard to trade today? Why do people have to send money with other people physically or cash on planes? How much money and time is lost while doing this?
  • What about the reliability of trade? When payments are delayed, that means business is disrupted. This costs everyone money. It loses us trust of customers.
  • What about the future of work? Think about those young TikTok influencers in Uganda who make amazing content, but can’t get paid because they don’t have Visa or Mastercards yet have mobile money?

NALA’s true impact will be measured by the opportunities we create for Africa to trade with the world and the world to trade with Africa.

🙌 Your Mission

The Growth department’s mission is to drive new users to the NALA app and bring savings and convenience to the diaspora community who have not found NALA yet! As a part of the Community Team, you will be on the front line with our customers, sharing the story of NALA and listening to their experiences with international remittance.

In this role, your ability to connect deeply with customers in person and on WhatsApp will be critical to build trust and rapport with our clients. You will need to be a skilled communicator and a confident storyteller when meeting clients for the first time, but also a patient listener when they experience issues. Internally, your mission is also to summarise issues experienced by customers and feed this back to the product team to continuously improve our product.

🎯 Your Responsibilities in this Role

  • Customer Acquisition - Deliver on monthly new users acquisition target
  • Channel Development - Source and build relationship with relevant community channels including religious and social groups, retail outlets, restaurants & bars, Whatsapp & Facebook groups; design and run joint customer initiative plans with them
  • Event Activation - Source and activate relevant community events; design execution mechanics for maximum user acquisition outcomes.
  • Brand Ambassadors - recruit, train & manage brand ambassadors for one-on-one referral programs and event activation (where applicable).
  • Competitive Intelligence - understand the competitive landscape and competitors product, track and report competitors activities, provide field insights and recommendations.
  • Customer Support - serve as Nala representative, provide on-the-ground customer support and act as a point of escalation for any product and customer related issues within community

🔥 Must Have Requirements

  • Prior field sales/marketing experience - field sales, marketing activations, product launch with record of meeting quotas
  • Street smart with strong people network - knowledge of territory and a community influencer with pre-existing relationships within target African immigrant community
  • Self starter with self-motivated energy - Ability to identify and solve problems with a variety of changing variables
  • Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills including persuasive selling, negotiation and objection handling skills

💪 Nice to Have Requirements

  • Experience working in an Agile working environment
  • You have experience with the systems and tools that we use daily; Notion, Slack, Jira, Google Suite, etc.
  • Experience in a fast growing fintech

🎤 Interview Process

You will need to first submit your application through our ATS Workable. We ask 3 questions alongside your CV. There is no need to submit a Cover Letter.

  • Based on this job description, why are you interested in this role?
  • Based on this job description, what makes you a great fit for this role?
  • How will this job help you on your own professional journey?

If shortlisted you will be selected for our interview process which has 3 stages:

  1. [30mins] Interview with the People Team
    1. In this stage, we want to get to know you and your experience deeply and we will focus closely on your experience as detailed on your CV. The best preparation is to just know whats on your CV really well 👍
  2. [30mins] Interview with the Growth Team
    1. The growth team will want get to know you a little deeper, digging into your experience of working in a Sales and/or Marketing experience as well as your connection into the diaspora community you are supporting
  3. [1hr] Task and Presentation to the Growth Team and CEO
    1. For the final stage, we will be asking you to do a small hypothetical task to show us how you might approach a NALA event.