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United Kingdom
Posted on Monday, May 13, 2024
At Improbable, we want to help businesses navigate the increasingly more complex and intertwined world. Enterprise metaverses break down the organisational and technical siloes that have meant digital twins have not been fully exploitable by the broader business. They empower entire companies to continually optimise and prepare for the future by providing a digital representation that can be visualised, analysed, explored and experimented upon. We use enterprise metaverses to empower businesses to explore future scenarios and respond to change and disruption more effectively using digital twins and enterprise metaverses.
Enterprise Insights is a newly formed business unit of 30+ people within Improbable, and with it, there are lots of interesting engineering problems to solve.
The aim of this role is to drive sales of our Solutions by rapidly generating insights and building prototypes for prospective and early-stage customers. The goal is to provide them with a tangible sense of the benefits our solutions could deliver to them. You will work with our presales team to provide prospective and early-stage customers with a great ‘taster’ experience including some preliminary valuable insights and the sense of the innovation and value Enterprise Insights can deliver to them.
You'll be instrumental in shaping our approach to new customer work, which is focused on mathematical and data-driven modelling. Your work will span a variety of technical domains (primarily modelling and simulation, optimisation, and AI) across a range of application domains (e.g., supply chain, robotics, finance, and carbon accounting). You will collaborate closely with engineering teams, shaping project conceptions to align with the capabilities and maturity of our product offering and our technological development with business objectives.

Your Opportunity:

  • Help to shape product strategy by identifying opportunities with respect to your interactions with the market in general as well as prospective and early-stage customers
  • Stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in modelling, simulation, digital twin technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IoT, in order to identify further product strategy opportunities
  • When required, you'll engage with external stakeholders, including our customers, partners, and academic institutions, to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange
  • Build a strong relationship with customer and user stakeholders and deliver an excellent experience to them
  • Help shape our proposed solution approach to new customer work so as to maximise core product usage and delight the customer
  • Help define and target customer and user stakeholders and personas for the solution
  • Understand customer and user stakeholders, their relationships, pain points and needs
  • Build rapid prototypes, demos and MVPs to show rapid value creation.
  • Effectively communicate customer and market intelligence and learning back to the Product and Exec team.

Why You're Made for This:

  • Proven commercial experience, ideally in a startup environment.
  • Experience in digital twin technology, AI, and machine learning, preferably with some exposure to logistics or supply chain management.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities, solid relationship building and client interaction skills
  • Demonstrated history of innovation in relevant fields
  • Strong technical background in software and modelling: ideally PhD in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering or a related field.
  • Proven ability to deliver work solo or in small teams
  • Strong communication skills, able to bring value propositions to life for a customer audience as well as tailor technical messages appropriately.
  • Ability to prioritise and simplify effectively to deliver key outcomes
While we think the above experience could be important, we’re keen to hear from people that believe they have valuable experience to bring to the role. If you identify with the team and mission, but not all of our requirements, then please still apply.
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