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Senior Full-Stack Engineer - Enterprise Insights



London, UK
Posted on Tuesday, September 5, 2023
At Improbable, we want to help businesses navigate the increasingly more complex and intertwined world. Enterprise metaverses break down the organisational and technical siloes that have meant digital twins have not been fully exploitable by the broader business. They empower entire companies to continually optimise and prepare for the future by providing a digital representation that can be visualised, analysed, explored and experimented upon. We use enterprise metaverses to empower businesses to explore future scenarios and respond to change and disruption more effectively using digital twins and enterprise metaverses.
Enterprise Insights is a newly formed business unit of 40+ people within Improbable, and with it, there are lots of interesting engineering problems to solve. We are looking for a senior engineer to work with our solution team in developing a modern user interface to allow our customers to interact with our advanced simulation capabilities. You will be surrounded by people who want to improve everything and everyone around them, and who compel you to improve yourself. We’re motivated by the fulfilment of solving hard problems to achieve something profound and transformative.

Your Opportunity:

  • You will be a key player in shaping the future of both your and the wider Engineering teams. We are a new unit in start-up mode and have a lot of exciting challenges accordingly.
  • Lead and shape the future of our solution team consisting of full-stack engineers, working closely with our Product, Modelling and DevOps teams.
  • Drive our technical direction in the solution space - we have a strong technical foundation, but we are always looking to innovate further and push boundaries.
  • Mentor and grow the team - with a strong focus on coaching and developing our talented junior engineers.
  • Handle interdependencies with our other teams (including the Modelling and Simulations team)
  • Effectively balance the creative exploration of a consumer-facing experience with the need to maintain our delivery commitments.

Why you're made for this:

  • You thrive on the inherent ambiguity of an early-stage business. You can navigate around frequent changes and see the opportunity to learn and adapt our technology as we go along.
  • You’re passionate about technology and how it can help deliver a great product. We use React, Node and Typescript as our core technologies and expect all our engineers to be proficient in those but if you believe there are other tools for the job, you’ll be happy to suggest and convince your team and stakeholders to adopt those.
  • You feel comfortable anywhere in the stack; you’ll be given the tools and trust to work on the end-to-end solution alongside our Designers, Modellers and DevOps engineers.
  • You’re experienced with coaching and mentoring a team - you don’t want to stop being hands-on on but you also enjoy other activities (whether it’s pairing and teaching a more junior member or sitting with your product team to figure out where we’re heading in the next 3 months).
  • You prioritise quick delivery: foundations are important and we’re all in when it comes to doing this right, especially when it has a lasting impact. However, the biggest risk to us is building the wrong stuff rather than building the stuff wrong. We prefer to ship quickly and learn quickly.
  • You love working as part of a close-knit group. We’re a highly collaborative team and often work together to solve complex problems and learn new skills. You proactively reach out to the wider team when there’s a need for input and encourage others to do so as well.
Improbable is determined to foster an environment where people can do their best work and feel like they belong. We believe a healthy culture, strong values and contribution from a diverse range of individuals will help us to achieve success.
We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age disability, veteran status, genetic information, marital status or any other legally protected status.