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Embed Protocol

Embed Protocol

Barcelona, Spain
Posted on Friday, December 15, 2023

Fullstack Engineer

Mode: In-Person
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Compensation: from €65k to €85K (salary + tokens)
Language: English - Fluid
Main contact: cristiam@embed.xyz
Tags: Product development, Blockchain, International Team, Start-up Environment.

Short Description

We are looking for a Full-stack engineer who wants to build the product from the very beginning. Someone passionate about blockchain technology who is also motivated by significant challenges.

What will you do?

What is Embed?

Embed is a 'Community of Communities,' a network driven by the vision of developing and fostering personal and communities reputation.
This enables members and communities to capture and leverage the value they create, transforming reputation into a tangible asset, fostering an equitable exchange of value and data control within all participants of the network.
We aspire to a future where community-driven engagement yields direct economic benefit, fostering a fair and inclusive marketplace for all.

What is the product like?

The product consists on a blockchain protocol that allows:
Unlocking communities monetization: Capture community marketing spend from brands that seek to engage with communities.
Capture data and value, offer rewards: Capture members contributions to reward and recognize the most engaged ones.
Boost membership and equity: members unlock rewards related to the value that they contribute.

What is the challenge?

The biggest challenge is the complexity that exists on building a protocol that allows anyone to build applications on top of it. You will need to constantly remember that what you are building will be used by others to build their own applications. This implies that clarity, security and seamlessly user and developers experience are extremely important.
Also, we want to maximize the level of decentralization and the on-chain interactions of the protocol.

What are the expectations?

After 1 month…

Get your head around the product, understand its components and the entire tech stack.
Get fluid with AWS Serverless architecture and understand the design patterns behind it.
Contribute to the development of entire features from back-end to front-end.
Ensure that your implementations are stable and secure.

After 3 months…

Help the VP of Engineering on designing and implementing new features from scratch that involve the backend, frontend, and their interaction with smart contracts.
Play a key role in addressing technical debt and proposing development improvements.

After 6 months…

Take the lead in system architecture decisions and performance optimizations.
Influence the future direction of our architecture and technologies.

Your responsibilities

Design robust backend systems from scratch using AWS Serverless architecture.
Ensure scalability and reliability of all backend services.
Write comprehensive unit and integration tests.
Collaborate in frontend development for seamless service integration.
Lead system architecture decisions and optimize performance.
Review Pull Requests and enforce high standards of code quality and best practices.
Address technical debt strategically for an agile and efficient approach.
Propose and implement development and deployment process improvements.

How will you do it?

Your main interactions will happen with the VP of Engineering and the rest of the development team. You will also be involved with the company C-Levels in continuous updates.

When will you work?

The team operates with a self-organized working day, it promotes asynchronous and autonomous work.
Working Day: Full-Time
Holidays: 23 working days plus Spain’s bank holidays
Working hours: Flexible with common in-person hours

Where will you work?

We will provide an office space or a sharable desk at a Co-Working location.
Work from home is allowed on certain days but we firmly believe that sharing the same office space fosters better relationships and allow the development process to flow better.

Who will work with you?

Primarily, you will work with the key members of product and tech:
Cristiam Da Silva (VP of Engineering) - Responsible for implementing Embed’s protocol integrated with the business and product visions. He is in charge of leading the architecture decisions and prioritizing the product roadmap with Chen.
He will help you draw your career path and grow within the company.
Chen Shir (Product Manager) - Passionate for tech companies, she is the head of product and design. Chen is obsessed with going from an idea to a product that creates revenue.

What are we asking for?



AWS DynamoDB
AWS Lambda Functions
AWS API Gateway and AppSync
AWS Cloudwatch, VPS, etc.
Tailwind CSS + CSS Modules

This would be good:

Experience with Serverless architectures
AWS Cloudformation.
AWS Fargate EKS.
Solidity programming.
Blockchain security tools.
Docker and Kubernetes

This gives extra credit:

GitHub Actions
Decentralized concept and design patterns
Familiarity with blockchain oracles

Other skills


Capacity for self-management.
Great Communication skills.
Continuous learning.

This would be good:

Attention to detail.
Autonomy in learning.
Experience working in a startup environment.

This gives extra credit:

Uncertainty tolerance.
Adaptability to change.