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πŸš€Decent DAO Candidate Guide



Posted on Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Decent DAO Candidate Guide

Step 1. Application

To share your interest in becoming a Decent DAO contributor, please complete this form.
Things to Include βœ“ Portfolio β€” for Designers, Copywriters, Content Makers, Producers βœ“ Work samples: roadmaps, product docs, analytics, etc β€” for Product Managers and Marketers βœ“ Github β€” for Developers βœ“ LinkedIn β€” for business roles
Should I translate my CV?
We prefer CVs in English.
What should I write in the short responses?
Tell us why you can be a great fit for a particular role and how you can contribute to Decent DAO. Follow guidelines in the form.

Step 2. Feedback

We review and process applications every weekday.
Our typical response times are between 1-2 workdays for high-priority positions and up to 5 workdays for regular roles.
We appreciate your interest in our DAO and can assure you that every applicant will get an answer from our recruiting team, regardless of the decision ❀
How will I receive an update?
We will coordinate emails and reference checks from talent@decentlabs.io or other @decentlabs.io email accounts. Please make sure to check your spam folders.
No one got back to me about my application, what should I do?
Sometimes we’re overloaded with applications and need more time to reply. Please wait 7-14 business days.
We will expect you to have done some research on Decent ahead of your interview. Please come prepared to discuss specific details about our organization.

Step 3. Interview

If you are invited to a phone screen, please anticipate turnaround time from the phone screen to offer stage can take two - four weeks. Keep this in mind as you engage in this process and please be transparent on your urgency.

We’ll ask you to go through two - three interviews depending on the role
When Invited to an interview:
Be prepared to have your camera on. It is important for us to make the human to human connection during the interview process.
We will ask for your consent to record the interview as we share it with decision makers in the interview process.
Read through Decentlabs.io to learn about current projects. You will be asked to speak about your interest in Decent. We are looking for people who are excited about the work and who demonstrate professionalism by being thoroughly prepared for interviews.
Learn more about our ongoing transition from Decent Labs and Decent DAO by reviewing our contributor handbook
Phone Screen πŸ‘₯ You + Recruiter πŸ•’ 15 min - 20 min
Second interview πŸ‘₯ You + Team Member πŸ•’ 30 min - 45 min
Third interview πŸ‘₯ You + Hiring Manager πŸ•’ 45 min - 60 min
What level of English is required? βž– All positions require English working proficiency

Technical Code Alongs for Web3 Developer Candidates

If you are a Web3 Developer candidate that passes the phone screen, your second interview will be a live technical screen with an engineer on our team. It will be a simple code along exercise over google meet and there will be no dress code.
Our intention for this challenge is to see how you review and address tech specs, clarify possible assumptions, create a plan to complete the task, and communicate with team members.

Step 4. Reference checks

Reference checks are performed to check how an individual would work within the Decent Ecosystem.
We will ask for contact information for
1) a person who worked above you
2) a person who worked below you
3) a person who recently worked alongside you

Step 5. Offer

After successfully passing all the steps above you’ll get an offer with information about
arrangement (full-time / part-time)
trial period (optional)
At this point, we will agree on your start date and walk you through the next steps.
πŸ’Έ We pay competitive compensation in crypto. The salary is discussed on call with our Ops team and depends on your qualifications. If you are the best at what you do, our offer will reflect it!
What type of engagement will I have?
You will be joining the DAO as a contributor. You will need to be registered as self-employed or as an individual business owner to pay taxes. If you’re not registered yet, we will refer you to third party providers.
Is it possible to contribute part-time?
Yes. You can contribute full-time or part-time. We prefer if you join us right away at least part-time but a postponed start date can also work.