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Posted on Friday, August 19, 2022
About Us
Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running on the NEAR Protocol, and one of the most exciting Ethereum scaling solutions in the ecosystem.
The Aurora environment consists of the Aurora Engine, a high performance EVM—Ethereum Virtual Machine—and the Rainbow Bridge, facilitating trustless transfer of ETH and ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum and Aurora, within a great user experience.
Aurora exists and is operated as an independent, self-funded initiative, but will continue to leverage the shared team DNA and continually evolving technology of the NEAR Protocol.
At Aurora Labs we are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced Blockchain Engineer to join the Bridge team.
In this role, you will contribute to building the Rainbow Bridge, its protocol, relayer services, and bridge connectors. You will be responsible for bridging various algorithmically complex systems together, which will require learning and understanding their internals. Your tasks will also involve supporting the interaction between Rainbow Bridge and Aurora Engine (EVM).
This is a full-time engagement remote role with a preferable European time zone.
If you are eager to dive into the competing cross-chain ecosystem and would like to work in an energetic environment, surrounded by highly productive and meticulous engineers, do not hesitate to apply!
Our Values
- Execute extreme ownership
- Strive for excellence
- Embrace authenticity
- Promote merit
- Get shit done
About the Position
- Exceptional ability to keep things organized during the development of complex projects with a distributed team
- Proficiency in Solidity
- Proficiency additionally in Rust/C++ or other systems programming languages
- Excellent coding skills with JS/TS or other scripting languages
- Deep understanding of Blockchain technology and Ethereum in particular, Ethereum contracts patterns and best practices.
- Experience implementing complex Ethereum contracts in Solidity
- Experience in maintaining complex multi-component products (Grafana or other similar dashboard / alerting systems)
- Experience in the development of concurrent/parallel systems
- Ability to learn new languages and technologies quickly
- Good knowledge of English
Nice to have
- Previous engineering experience working with NEAR/Substrate/Solana ecosystems
- Basic knowledge of cryptography
- Knowledge of runtimes and virtual machines
- Overseeing the release process of the Rainbow Bridge
- End-to-end ownership of the relayers and other non-blockchain services and other critical components
- Supporting and implementing different bridge blockchain connectors
- Maintenance of the Rainbow Bridge
- Supporting the interaction between Rainbow Bridge and Aurora Engine (EVM)
- Review of Solidity smart contracts
- Maintenance of documentation, product knowledge base, and on-call handbook
- Ownership of monitoring and alerting systems (e.g. Grafana)
- Working with the open-source community by collaborating with external contributors on our codebase, creating and participating in events, facilitating information exchange between our community and other open source communities
- Design and implementation of various interoperability components interacting with multiple blockchains
- Communication and collaboration with a fully distributed team
Join our dedicated team of blockchain industry professionals.
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